Here’s a question… because I’ve shared some of my thoughts, talked about my life, bared my soul a little – or a lot… do you know me now?

Can you really know someone through the Internet? No. If they honestly spew their deepest hopes and dreams, their timeline and stats? Still, no. I don’t believe you can.

Damn social media skewing our perceptions again, am I right? It feels all too easy to feel like you know someone just because you can see into their life over social media. What they choose to share with the world… well wait, hold up… there’s a key word there. Choose. What they choose to share.

Truth is we could hardly know someone we consider a close friend, someone we know in person and see often… but let’s not climb down that rabbit hole tonight.

I get to choose what I share on this blog, I haven’t even touched on the tip of the iceberg of my life through this. The iceberg hasn’t even impacted this ship, if you will. Only dented, if that. What am I even talking about again?

But anyway, there’s more to it than just what someone chooses to share with the world. You just can’t know someone through a screen. No matter how hard you try. See there’s these little things that make us unique. Not the big things, not the big things at all.

It’s the quirks. For example… I need to check all the outlets in the house before I leave everytime to make sure nothing is plugged in, turned on, you know – gonna set the house on fire? Sometimes I do three laps in a row. Okay maybe that isn’t a quirk. The word disorder comes to mind… ANYWAY!

It’s knowing the way someone smiles… knowing each different smile, and what each one means. It’s knowing what they’re thinking or feeling when they haven’t changed face or even flinched. To study someone up close is the only real way to know them. I don’t like using the word study there… pay attention to, rather. These things get left out through a screen. Who could guess what I look like typing this right now? I’m sure some of my closest might have a guess. And probably right, too.

Hair unbrushed and untamed, dressed in black with a cheap beer in my hand… dark circles under my eyes lookin’ a little hazed… who guessed it right? Adele, I’m lookin’ at you. (Pounds! Uh! Two times!)

Do I really gotta ruin the serious and deep train thought I had going by calling out my best friend? Oh absolutely. I’ll derail this train thought anytime, any day for my old pal Stew.


I’ve derailed this train thought so damn hard, I don’t know which ways up.

But hey, when it comes to social media… what you see ain’t always what you get. No duh, right? But we forget that! You might say yeah, I know, I know. But then continue to compare yourself to other peoples Bragbook posts. There’s nothin’ wrong with a little showing off… I say do it, celebrate you and show the world how proud you are. But there’s a line… learn to find it. I can’t tell you how, but do.

My most scatterbrained post to date but hey, if they don’t find you helpful or interesting, they can at least find you humorous. If all that fails then you’re SOL.


Ciara Leah


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