My little boy
I forget how little you truly are
While your heart beams with compassion
I know this gets heavy on your soul
I begin to worry, and start to fret
When I think of all the heartbreak in store yet
But then you smile, and my worries fade
For I know you’ve got it, the armour and the blade

My boy you’ve grown, but you have a ways to go yet

I’ll replace your stickers and storybooks
For baseball bats and concerned looks,
When you scurry in past curfew
Remember I love you best

Anything you may do, I’m sure I’ve done it too
This how I know you’ll be okay
I bleed the same as you

But for now I’ll still hold you, long as my arms can bare
I’ll count each toe and finger
And cherish just how rare
You are to this world, my dear little boy
Don’t forget me when you aren’t so little23231384_10159552641115123_2461561730647318159_n

Ciara Leah


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