It’s the first major lesson we’re taught: to share. Is it any wonder we’re all out here thinking our main purpose is to find someone to share our life with? As though, if we don’t, if we end up alone, we’ve failed our lives? That’s a tad too much pressure. The idea that you’re broken, lost, or unhappy because you’re single is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

You get to decide, you know. Your purpose … that’s on you. Maybe your purpose is to find someone to spend your life with. Maybe your union with that person will change the world. Great! Just know that doesn’t have to be it. Some of us find ourselves unhappy ‘cause we’re trying to live out someone else’s idea of life.

I’m not bashing couples, not for a second… but I think there are some people out there who need to hear this. I needed it. So much focus went towards: Am I gonna end up alone? What If I do? What am I doing wrong? Gawwwwddd, we need to stop.

So much focus was taken away from THIS. Me! I’ve got so much passion and creativity in me that was being wasted on people who don’t care much for me. It makes me cringe thinking back on it. Ya know what makes my heart skip a beat? When I’m singing and I know I hit the note just right, when I’m writing and it flows so perfectly, everything I wanted to say came out just right, and knowing that I’m spending my time towards something fucking beautiful… building a future by myself, for myself (and Owen) … no one can take that away, or tarnish it ‘cause I fucking own it. It’s the most badass thing I can think of.

I was a lonely little girl, and I thought I was supposed to be sad by that. The world will try to tell you what you can and can’t do, what you’re supposed to feel and who you’re supposed to be. Fuck ‘em.

Being alone is a strength I embrace. Wolf and Woman is me, myself and I, braving my scars and insecurities. It’s my foundation, and I’m so proud of what I’m building. So GO – build your lives, be ruthless, do whatever the friggin’ heck you want, and don’t forget to laugh the entire way. Make some waves, stir the pot, and please for the love of god don’t stop being weird, don’t tone down your personality because some people are uncomfortable by it. Fuck’em I said.


Ciara Leah



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